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DOCUFEED TECHNOLOGIES is an independent manufacturer of feed rollers not affiliated with Accufast™, Astro™, Bryce™, Data-Pac™, Duplo™, Formax™, Francotyp-Postalia™, Hasler™, Kas™, Kirkrudy™, Martin Yale™, Neopost™, PFE™, Pitney Bowes™, Postalia™, Rena™, Secap™, Datatech™, Streamfeeder™, Sure-Feed™

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  About Us

About Us

The Docufeed Difference

Docufeed Technologies, LLC, is an independent manufacturer of superior quality precision feed rollers, friction belts and other rubber replacement parts for paper-handling equipment, including all major-brand mailing machines.

Docufeed exceeds quality standards set by original equipment manufacturers, yet its prices are a fraction of those charged for OEM replacement parts. It has the highest production standards and the quickest turn-around time in the industry. Put simply, Docufeed delivers.

Mike Chambers worked for a major Seattle rubber company for 16 years making platens and feed rollers for typewriters and printing presses. James Durrett worked for a Northwest mailing equipment service company for 20 years repairing and overhauling mailing machines and paper handling equipment. As the service manager covering five states, he was one of Mikes regular customers.

One morning over coffee James and Mike were discussing the volume of customer complaints regarding misfeeds, paper jams and similar problems. They thought the rubber rollers provided by OEMs might be the cause.

After working with chemists and conducting extensive trials, they succeeded in developing a proprietary formula that improved the composition of the rubber compound. Then they designed advanced manufacturing techniques to apply the new material. Mike sold the improved feed rollers to James and James began using them as replacement parts. They never bought rubber from an OEM again.

Mike purchased his company in 1993, changed its name to Docufeed Technologies and moved to Sultan, a thriving small town in the shadow of Washingtons Cascade Mountains. James left his job to become Mikes partner in 2006.

The two other team principals are Brian Durrett, production manager and James son, and Carlin Kennedy, national sales director. Brian has extensive experience with mailing equipment on the production side. Before coming to Docufeed in 2007, he was the production manager for a commercial mailing company in Seattle.

Carlin, who came aboard in 2010, has been in the mailing industry for 10 years. He has experience selling Secap and Neopost equipment as well as being an account manager for a commercial print/mail house. Carlin understands what sales people on the street need and what kind of time frame end users expect.

Mike, James, Carlin and Brian have more than 80 years of combined experience in the rolling media industry. Carlin sold the machines, Brian operated them, James serviced them, and Mike produced feed rollers that made them more reliable and efficient.

We put all of the pieces together. Its that simple. said Mike.

We never want to sell products that are equal to our competitors products because that only makes us as good as they are, said James. What we make is far superior, and I can say that because weve gone head-to-head with the competition.

We dont have to make excuses to customers for products that dont perform, because they always perform. They work better, last longer and cost less.

Thats the Docufeed Difference.

32533 Cascade View Dr.
Sultan, WA 98294

US. Phone: 800 431 1560
International: 360-793-2001

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